Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introducing Jason DeLange, CFO of My Blog

As you are all aware, I recently added my roommate Nate Moorhead as the official editor of the "Rom's Greetings From" blog. It's been a wonderful time having him here, and I think that he really has influenced the blog for good, even though I feel that some of you enjoyed my terrible punctuation and even worse syntax.
                Since having an editor has been such a positive change for my blog, I have decided that I need to appoint a chief financial operator for my blog as well. Fellow followers, I hope you give a warm welcome to our new CFO: my other roommate, viz. Jason Michael DeLange. What a joyous time this is for all of us.
                Now you all may be thinking to yourselves, "Rom why the heck would a blog with only thirty followers and no advisers need a chief financial officer, isn’t that completely superfluous?"  To which I say, “fellow readers, my blog needs a CFO like a heart needs a beat; it's not at all superfluous.” Well, besides the fact that Jason has been nagging me to make him the chief financial officer.
I will now give you six jobs that my CFO will perform for me.
1.     Complain about how the apartment stinks right after pan-frying unthawed chicken that has been freezer burned since you moved into the apartment.
2.     Keep you up all night as you hear him having a one-way conversation about who knows what.
3.     Frantically call and text you to come home "right now" because he really needs to talk to you. Only to find out he wants to know if he should text some girl he’s interested in today or tomorrow.
4.     Wake you up every morning at 7:00 a.m. with bagpipes for his alarm.
5.     Occupy the TV you bought to watch shows you're not interested in.
6.     Be such a good enough friend that you're able to overlook steps 1-5 and still love him all the same.  

So, readers, it is for these reasons and many others that I need and will now have an official chief financial officer for my blog.  You’ll be a natural, Jason.

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