Monday, January 30, 2012


I am back on my grind. You, my faithful readers, may be wondering what it means to be back on my grind. It means that I am back to spitting game on a regular basis. It has been a long while since I have been on my grind. I'm a little bit rusty. Let me explain.
I have been nervous about going to Los Angeles, and part of the reason is because I know no one. About a week ago I felt like it would be a good idea to practice meeting new people to prepare myself for when I go to Los Angeles and attempt to get a network of friends. I decided that it would be a good idea if I set a goal to meet five random people a day.
When I first started, it was difficult for me to approach random strangers and strike up a conversation. However, it turns out all you have to do to strike up a conversation with anyone is to compliment an item of clothing, ask where they got it, and then ask what their major is in school . By the third question they start replying in something more than a one word answer.
As I have been introducing myself to new people I have managed to run into some pretty attractive women. I have managed to get numbers of a couple of them and start texting a couple of them. Three women have managed to maintain my interest and so I have continued to text these women. One is into politics. Another is a hardworking quiet type. And another is a jovial, youthful nineteen-year-old who makes me feel so young.
And this is really where my rust starts showing. Part of the problem with me getting some of these girls' numbers is the fact that I forgot their name or was too embarassed to ask again. As a result, I have labeled the women as follows: poli sci girl, Drama girl, and crimson woman. Well it turns out it's harder to remember which one is which. So I thought I was doing great until I realized I have occasionally been sending conflicting texts to each girl. In fact I sent four consecutive texts to poli sci girl while thinking it was to a couple different women. As I said I'm rusty.
Mind you I am not her Facebook friend and her name may not be Sarah.

I wonder why she didn't respond to my texts?

Until next time.....Always on my Grind

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twisted Ankle

I was playing basketball two days ago and I went up to dunk the ball and realized that I never learned how to dunk. In mid air I also looked down at both of my arms and realized that the skin on my arms was white. Indeed, the fact of the matter was that I was white. Although I may be six foot five, I have hops like a white man. As a result, I realized that my genetic predisposition had rendered me incapable of being able to dunk. My musings continued this way for the amount of time that I was in the air, which happened to be about one eighth of a second.
When I came down my foot landed on the foot of another player. The next moments were all a blur but I know that I used some unkind words and I also know that I experienced some intense pain coming from my foot.

No this is not my foot. I plagiarized this picture from a random person on the internet. In my mind these injuries are the same.

Until next time,

The One-Legged Rojo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Land of the Palms

Greetings from Palm Springs, "the only place where I go to bed with an alabum
cover." Since being here in Redlands and having all of my friends leave me to go back to their various places of residence, I decided to do some soul searching. As I have mentioned in previous posts it is important for one to be with himself and to enjoy himself. I thought to myself, "what better place to do something like that than Palm Springs?"
On top of the desire to be with oneself, I also decided that it would be important to spend time with myself in nature. I have always wanted to hike naked, but I have never been brazen enough to try it. I figured that if there ever was a place to hike naked it would be in the crazy town of Palm Springs.
I made my way to the Indian Reservoir just outside of Palm Springs. I paid the tribe a handsome donation of six dollars, parked my car, and took off my pants and shirt. For a few moments I felt one with nature as I stood there in the buck. However, my oneness with nature was rudely interrupted by the sound and sight of the Indian ranger in the distance. The desire to be one with nature quickly evaded from my bosom and I quickly turned back to my clothe shackles.
I finished my hike an hour later and then spent the rest of my time in Palm Springs walking around looking at various couples both gay and straight.

until next time


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

It's been a minute. I know. No need to chastise me. The blog, which I once frequented quite regularly, now has become a cyber ruin. My blog records an ancient history of who I was a month and a half ago, rather than who I am at the current time.
There are a number of reasons why this is. First, I have been so burned out by school that the very thought of writing a blog has been so burdensome to me, and I dreaded the thought of putting forth such an effort. Second, there has been a void of good stories in my life. This is in large part due to the fact that I have been studying, but also for the past month or so I haven’t done anything that is stupid. This provides a life that is quite easy, but it also provides a life that is pretty boring.
So now you may be wondering what my new year’s resolution may be. The answer is to live my life in a way that provides fodder for my blog. In other words I have decided to live my life as stupid and spontaneous of a fashion as possible.
Ever since I was accepted to Teach for America I have been thinking about my life. The likelihood of me getting married anytime soon decreased greatly when I signed a contract stating that I would live the next two years in the ghetto. As a result, I have decided to shift my life ambition from one of being a father and husband to one who will live a life of adventure, until finally I give up on the world of women, reject my faith, and join the Jesuit order.
And on a final note I have decided that I don’t care if I die. I just hope that it’s a cool way to go. I hope I get shived or shot in the ghetto next year. So help me if I die choking on a piece of pie; I will never be able to forgive myself.
Peace be unto to you,

Father Romney