Monday, April 25, 2011

My Week in California

Dear Family 
 I have finished my semester as a BYU student and am now in California. The land and the people are far more brown than the white driven snow and people of Provo. I love it. It adds flavor and character to a world that most certainly needs some. I spent the entire weekend trapped in Saint George. Sometimes my entrapment was a good experience at other times it certainly was not. Friday and Saturday were spent hiking throughout all of Gods country (which is the outskirts of the beloved Saint George). It was a magical time in my life. I love to see the scenery of foreign places. However, on sunday which coincidentally happened to be easter, I missed being with my family. We attended a ward in a strange town known as snow hills or something of the likes. It has been a good trip thus far and most assuredly will get better. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The life of a celebrirty

In an attempt to avoid studying for my Greek History test I turned my attention to the world of wikipedia. I love the random amounts of information that one can access from that great bastian of knowledge. It is astounding for me to think how much information is contained on such a sight. However, that is a tangent for another story. As I was writing my paper ben folds tiny dncer (a cover of elton john's orignal song) came on. I love that song and as a result I began to be inquisitive as to what the story was behind it. it turns out that the song is a story about marylin monroe (norma jean). I then quickly turned to wikipedia to look up Ms. Norma Jean herself. As I did so I could not help but feel pitty for this women. Here this girl was who had everything given to her on a silver platter and yet she had nothing. She was bitterely alone and estranged from society. her worldly ways led to the destruction of her marriages, careers, and life. She is a beautiful tragedy. Her life was of little worth. What good did she accomplish? What did her legacy bring? a few topless photos, a couple of movies, a golden globe, and a cult following who worship her for no describeable reason (I'm serious ask any woman who worships Monroe and they will never be able to tell you why they like her. The best explanation I've ever heard was that she was a size eight and still managed to look good, but in all honesty thats a pretty freaking stupid reason why to like someone). She is a testament to the fact that your can be loved and adored and still remain useless and bitterly alone. Indeed her life is a tragedy and should be looked upon as such. She inspires me not to be like her. I hope that one can say on the day of my funeral that "Romney was the antithesis of Marylin Monroe." I think if someone states that then I will look on from heaven and know that my life was a success. I hope that my name is not immortalized for no reason at all like Monroe's is. I hope my name is forgotten but that which I bring is remembered by all. I hope the changes that I make as a teacher, a father, and a priesthood holder can make a difference in peoples lives.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dinner With the Parents

I've made it a goal to write on my blog at least three times a week. As a result such I have decided to write a post for the express purpose of fulfilling my goal. The only explanation for why I am doing this is the fact that I have obessive compulsive disorder and if I do not write three times a week to fulfill my goal my world will not be correct. For those of you who have obessive compulsive tenancies you completely understand where I am coming from. For those of you who do not...Your not missing out on much. I envy you. However, I hope you enjoy my post.
I a sizeable portion of my day up in Park City with my parents and the haynie family as well as Sarah. (I give a shout out to sarah becuase she probably is the only girl who will ever read my blog). While there I was glad to find out that my family is not the only family who randomly breaks out into "go my son" from the laminite generation.
Well thats all that I got.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Gauntlet has Been Thrown Down.

Dear Family,
   Greetings from Provo Utah, "home to players and the played." In recent times I have developed a tad bit of a player status. I enjoy dating. I go on lots of dates. I ask a great amount of women out. I have enjoyed doing so thoroughly. True, there are some parts of being a player that I do not like but for the most part I enjoy it. Being labeled in-genuine-which is a statement that I detest in all ways shapes and forms. I am not in-genuine and if anyone calls me that they do not know me. I attempt to be the most honest person that I can be.- is a small price to pay for the company of numerous friends made.I have taken much pride in always having more women than my dates have men.
Last Saturday, however, I ran into a minor speed bump. for the first time in my life. I encountered a date that had more men than I had women. When I told her that I wanted to be honest with her and said that I was dating other people she retorted with a "well thats ok because I'm dating four other guys." I was flabergasted, hurt, and upest. However, as I reflect upon the situation more and more I have decided not to get mad but rather I need to get more. and so my quest now begins.
Another thought. I am going to make up a documentary called forty dates in forty nights.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rob must have spent a little more time on you

Dear Family,
Hello and greetings from Provo, Utah "the land of milk and honey's." Yes your son has been inspired by a number of factors to put his literary talent to use and start blogging. I have wanted to do this for a number of years, but I have not had the discpline nor have I had the time to actually go and do it. However, as I review the majority of my days I have decided that there is one striking commonality to all of them. I have decided that there is one thing that I do every day multiple times a day. I like the rest of America am obsessed with Facebook. Its a redicolous and shameful admission. I feel as though I like the rest of America am subject to the whim and will of Mark Zuckerburg's evil creation. In fact as I am writing this blog post in the library right now and as i look around the room I can see at least three people on Facebook. Why do we as students look at faebook? What is so appealing about this social network that we check facebook at least on the hour. It makes no sense whatsoever to me. Do we actually believe that within the last hour that we have checked facebook that something has changed? Do we sincerely believe that in the past forty five minutes anything on any of our friends facebook's will have changed? The answer of course is yes. All the reason and logic in the world defies it. However, we still check our facebooks.
  Ever since writing a paper on my media intake for my communications class i have been attempting to shift what I do with the majority of my time. After comming to the conclusion that I look at facebook at least ten to fifteen times a day, I have attempted to cut down the amount of time that I am on facebook. With this being stated, however, it is far easier to state that you will change a habit than to actually change the habit. To this point I have failed miserably. I have tried to stay away from the old FB by reading newspaper articles off of Google news, emailing friends and family members, and checking the blogs of ESPN writers, but in all honasty my facebook intake still remains out of control.
 And so in a last ditch effort to avoid the evils of facebook I have decided to turn to blogging. That is the reason for me to begin my blogging career but my inspiration to do so is actually two people. The first person who inspired me to begin my blogging career was Sarah Holden. She has often spoke fondly regarding the joys of blogging and it has sparked an interest in my heart. however, this was not enough for me to begin my blogging career. There needed to be someone bigger someone better and someone far more inspirational than just my friend sarah. My answer came to me on Friday in the form of a man. His name was Rob. Sarah and I saw him when we were at a cupcake store.  While I hold firm to the fact that my sexual orientation has not been tainted since seeing Rob, this man was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. My admiration for Rob is not driven by some sexual desire. Quite the contrary, I look at Rob as I would look at the David. I do not lust after the David. I do not think that the david is hot. No I look at the david and marvel at the divinely inspired work of Michelangelo. When I look at Rob I look at the divine work of the angels.
  I am puzzled as to what Rob is. Is his overwhelming beauty a gift from God? Was he sent from heaven for us to appreaciate he and his beauty? Or his he a curse from heaven? Is he a plague comparable to the biblical plague of locusts and the death of a first born child? Is Rob sent from God to remind us of our beauty and imperfections? Is he sent to humble us and remind us that we are mere mortals? I do not know. I think if I ever see Rob again I will slit my wrists but die a happy man. and it is truly for this reason I have created this blog. To priase the work that is Rob and to rid myself of the affliction that is facebook.