Friday, November 4, 2011

The Long Walk of Shame

The road that he was traveling down was paved with good intentions,
But so was hell.
He turned left onto 700 North
How could this happen? How did this happen?
He really did have good intentions.
He turned right on university avenue
He just harmlessly flirted with a cute girl, like he had hundreds of times before. How was he supposed to know?
But the fact was he knew she was a girl. Not a woman but the girl.
He turned right onto canyon river road.
Perhaps providence would smile upon him and he would be hit by a rogue Frito Lay truck.
There was no Frito Lay truck.
He swore this would never happen again,
No not after the last time
By this time he had reached bulldog blvd.
The light was red but he drove forward hoping that there would be a Frito Lay truck going the opposing way.
There was no Frito Lay truck going the opposing way.
He reached Helaman Drive and turned right
He wished that he could deny the fact. He wished that he could say he didn’t know
But he knew.
He knew from the beginning that she was
He reached Hinckley Hall and he turned right and parked.
He got out of the car and began to take that ever so short walk across the street
While it was a short walk across the street,
It was a long walk of shame
He looked for that Frito Lay truck
but there was no rogue Frito Lay truck
And then picked the freshmen up for the date.

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