Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who was I to deny Paris?

    Greetings from Paris France, "the city where you shouldn't fall in love." This place is magnificent. I have never seen a city so well designed in my entire life. Here is a little tid bit for all of you travelers out there. France was actually a dirty disgusting and over crowded city until Napoleon III in 1860 bulldozed the entirity of the city. He did this for two reasons. The first was that it was dirty and disgusting. The second was that revolutions would easily spread in the narrows of the deep dark streets of France. Bulldozing and creating larger streets allowed the French army to easily quell the rebellions that were a staple of nineteenth century parisian life.

     We are all the benefactors from these Napoleon III's revolutionary changes to stop revolutions. Every design in the entire city is beautifully manufactured and crafted. The buildings are well designed and well established. Famous art from Rodon and others surround the entire city. Light simply seems to shimmer off of the buildings and onto the pavement in such a romantic way. It is unlike any other city in the world. 
     One easily could fall victim to cupids arrow in this city. It would not be hard. In fact falling in love was not hard. 
I will say that again... Falling in love was not hard. 
     Yes RoJo has had a fling with in the city of Paris. I booked a ticket to France on Ryan Air earlier this week.  For those of you who don't know what Ryan Air is it can best be described as a cross between a playschool plastic picnic table and a sardine can. I managed to sit next to two guys who were speaking French. However, providence smiled upon me and I was asked to take a seat up front. There a met a girl who was from Boston. 

Could I relate to her? No 
Was anything going to happen with this relationship? No 
Did I find her attractive? kind of  

                        But was this Paris?... Yes
 and who am I to deny Paris? 
I would not allow any petty things such as looks, personality, character get in the way of my experience in Paris. How vain would that be of me?

I just kissed the girl on the banks of the Sane River. To the south of me was the Eiffel Tower. To the north of me was the great cathedral of Notre Dame. I tucked her hair back behind her ears and then went in for the kiss and she accepted.

We then went our separate ways and at that moment I thought she was so hot. The experience of being in France and kissing someone in the most romantic place that the world has to offer tends to rob you of reason. In my mind that woman was as virtuous and as lovely as the Effiel Tower.
Unfortunately I was dumb enough to get her number and take her out the next night.

Well bloggers until next time.

The Romantic Rojo.

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