Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Award Winners

Hey Y'all Provo Enthusiasts,

Greetings from Los Angeles, "home of the diverse... even when you don't want it to be." I am loving Los Angeles- I have really made it my home. All that I really had to do to make it home was to simply arrive at the conclusion that I wasn't going to miss Provo anymore. To be candid, I don't miss Provo. Not at all. I do miss my friends in Provo, but the intense pressure for me to date, get married, and just act like a Mormon is completely gone.

With this stated, I am grateful for all the love you have sent my way since BYU started its Fall semester. It has been great to receive texts from you all and to hear how much you miss me. I am grateful I have such friends. So grateful in fact I have decided to give you guys awards.

Best Documentation of a Relationship on Instagram 
             Andy Romney & Chelsea Livermore
"Amazing," "astounding," & "unbelievable" are just a few of the adjectives used by critics to describe the ferocity with which the two of these individuals have posted pictures on Instagram. Thanks to Instagram, there has never been a question in my mind whether or not my cousin and my future cousin were still together. Whether it was the two of them swimming in the Cherry Village pool, taking a trip to California, or just walking around Provo, I always knew exactly where the two of them were and what they were doing.

(Runner Up: Alex McDonell and His Skateboard)

First Phone Response
Samantha J. Topham 
This award was a tough one to give out. Between Jake Balser, Samantha Topham, and the rotting corpse of my Grandma Pingree it was a virtual toss up. However, after sending off eight consecutive text messages and three phone calls without the slightest iota of a response, I decided that if I was going into cardiac arrest I'd just say "Screw Life Alert, I am calling Sam Topham."
Best Boiled Chicken 
Jason M. DeLange 
The thing I may miss most about not living in Provo is coming home to fresh aroma of partially thawed chicken. No sweeter smell has ever graced the olfactory senses than that of Jason's chicken. 


  1. hahahahaha. I'm sad I didn't get an award, I thought we had something really special....

  2. I thought I may get a cameo award but wasn't sure. We miss you here in P-town, Rom