Saturday, December 8, 2012


So the primary reason why I joined Teach for America was because I wanted to influence my students for good. I thought that once they saw a successful, goodlooking, and cool guy like myself they would for sure start listening to me and leave the hood for good. You would never believe how surprised I was when after a week my students didn't start performing well on their tests. I thought that soon enough they would come around.
However, as time has progressed I haven't seen much change for the better from them. In fact, that first week, I didn't really realize how low my kids were and how low my expectations should be. (They don't put them in SDC for nothing you know). For instance, I left for a training one day and when I came back I received the following note.

If your wondering if that is really what it says... the answer is yes.

If you are thinking "well the sub means that they were smoking weed outside"  you are wrong.

If you are wondering how they smoked weed in my class I will tell you.

My dear friends named in the aforementioned picture were not dumb enough to toke up a blunt in the back of class. Nope, no way. My little ingenue-rs concocted a far less obvious way of smoking weed. The two took turns lighting marijuana in Jose's backpack, sticking his head in the backpack and then having the other zip up the backpack to make sure that they would not miss out on collecting that purple haze.  From all reports, both student and teacher it appears the two got away with two turns each before the substitute realized that two individuals could actually be stupid enough to smoke marijuana in class.
 I wonder if they were like "This idea is so good that it has to work!"

Anyway, if this teaching thing doesn't work out I think I am going to go into business. I have a pretty great idea.


                                                        "The Bongpack"
Avaliable in
Ganja Green

and      Hemp

 This idea is so good that it has to work!

Weed and Harmony



  1. It's genius! You inhale from one side, and then you exhale into the other. The fumes, filtered through regular dryer sheets, are kept inside the bongpack safely waiting for passing period release.

  2. A couple kids in my Business class my senior year of high school chewed tabacco. People are dumb.