Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Things New Teachers Shouldn't Do

Dear readers,

                The fresh aroma of newly cooked rice juxtaposed with the bitter and harsh smell of bootleg tobacco from the People’s Republic of China tickle my olfactory senses as I write this post. I guess it is one of the few perks of moving into a house where two foreign exchange students who don’t speak a lick of English reside.  Other perks would be the chance that I have to attempt to learn a new language, the ability to appreciate new music, and the ability to develop patience for not being able to know what is going on inside my own home. Oh, I forgot to mention the relative sense of isolation and introspection that comes with the territory of living with people who don’t understand you, or care to. Move over Waldon Pond and step aside Mr. Thoreau, there is a new sheriff in town; his name is RoJo and he's writing a book called On Ellendale Road.
Actual Picture of me and my roomates

                Anyway teaching is going well, I guess. I mean how well can it go when you’re a first year teacher at an SDC school? The answer is very well. I just wanted to write to my followers, of which I have none at the present moment, and tell them the one piece of advice.

                Don’t flash gang signs when your students do.

You may be thinking, “Of course not… You’ll get shot.”

I am also here to debunk that myth. I am here to disabuse you of that utterly false notion. You will not get shot. At least not by your students. In fact your students will laugh. You will laugh. The class will laugh together. Then they will stop respecting you as a teacher and subsequently stop treating you like a human being.
actual picture of me throwing gang signs with students

Here are five other things you shouldn’t do as a teacher

Allow students to choose their seats.

Call students by the wrong names.

Laugh when your students say innapropriate jokes.

Catch Carlos with his hands down his pants  (not doing anything, just kind of chillin' there).

 Forget about Carlos’ hands being in his pants and shake his hand goodbye.

Well, until next time Readers

Stay sweet.

Actual picture of me as the pope


  1. oh Rom you are a silly one. Your photoshop skills are amazing - cousin Claire

  2. Romney, your photoshop skills never cease to amaze!

  3. As a real reader of your blog, I loved this post.

  4. Rom this was a good one. You should be a teacher forever and make real money by writing about it on your blog. :)