Thursday, October 4, 2012

Panther Pride

Schools throughout the world show their pride differently.
For some schools, like my alma Matter Redlands High School they choose to show their pride through time honored traditions. As a result they do rediculous things such as have our graduation at the Redlands Bowl, an outdoor venue filled with an antiquated wooden benches that make the three hour procession all the more memorable.
   For others, pride is shown through excellence in academics. In La Canada, Loma Linda, and other regions heavily populated with Asian Americans, students give their all to getting striaght A's. This creates a culture of learning and again a culture of pride.
   There are also schools that take pride in athletics. Riverside Poly, for instance is a school that has produced dozens of hall of famer's such as  Reggie and Cheryl Miller, Sippy Woodhead, Barry, and Bobby Bonds. They show their might and pride on the gridiron, in the pool, and on the court.
  But what happens when you have no time honored traditions? What happens when your school lacks academic success? What happens when there is a dirth of athletic achievement? How does your school show their spirit? How does your school show your pride?
Well here at West Adams let me show you how we show our pride.

(Please Mute Your Speakers before you press play)

     and I dare say we are pretty darn good at what we do.

Here is my personal favorite

How did I find out about this? Well of course teaching SDC allows me to teach some of the most proud panthers in the entire school.  In fact the kid with the cast in the second video is one of my students.

until next time
Mr. E
Fighting for my kids
in SDC.


  1. I have to say that this kids are pretty good at scrapping. The fact that the kid has a cast and then can still throw down is amazing.

    That being said however I must state the following:

    This is horrible and breaks my heart.