Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rom your love life is nuts, but how is teaching going?

Thanks friend I am glad you can ask. Here is a link to my teaching blog.

Along with my most recent story.

It is appalling to see what some of these kids write down for answers .Today I tried to explain what a democracy was through the use of an example of voting for a class mascot. I created three class mascots that included the following
 Vato Loco,

Intellectual kitten,

 and Curious George Lopez.

 I was most proud of curious George Lopez. I spliced a picture of George Lopez and put it on Curious George’s face. I thought the kids would like it, but they hated it.

Anyway, It failed miserably. Like really bad, but I guess that is the life of a first year teacher in SDC. I am not teaching to their level. I am teaching far beyond their capabilities and I am trying to see who is swimming. Thus far, not many people are swimming. This fact is exhibited by the following exit ticket. I asked, “what is a democracy?” One of the students responded with the following answer. 

                At least he remembered Curious George Lopez.
                                Until the next time, I’ll be watching my students monkey around.
Mr. E in 215.


  1. I want a Curious George Lopez kind of democracy!!!!

  2. What did you do with your student who wrote down Curious George Lopez? I hope you gave some positive reinforcement for having listened to, and remembered some of, your lecture.