Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blind Leading the Blind

I never really knew how ADHD I was until I looked at my kids. I really didn't. I had an idea that I may have had some issues, but I never realized how deep my issues ran. Its a harsh wakeup call really.

Having students with the same disability that you have is like looking into a mirror. A very disorganized, unkempt, and absent minded mirror. My kids knod off, make strange noises, say dumb things, and always forget their materials. Most other teachers don't put up with their crap. I try to discipline my kids, but it is kind of difficult when they are doing the exact same thing that you do. Its hard to fail a kid for not bringing a pen when the record for the longest time you have had a pen is for three days.
I recently went to a workshop that talked about the importance of teaching children to be organized. Among the various concepts that were taught were color coding, binder collection, and backpack cleanliness. After the hour and a half lecture on teaching ADHD children to be organized, I began to stop paying attention (surprising I know). I started to surf the web and I found this picture
blind leading other blind,
until next time.

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  1. Organization has never been my forte. I have found that when my teachers are organized - by that I mean when they are clear as to where we are going with the lesson each day in class, how it ties into the subject as a whole, how we are going to be tested on what we are learning, and why it is important to me as a student - that I am able to stay organized with them. I have found that those teachers who are overly "relaxed" cause me to become disorganized. I need them to set the bar, and I will match it. I can't be more organized than my professors.