Monday, April 25, 2011

My Week in California

Dear Family 
 I have finished my semester as a BYU student and am now in California. The land and the people are far more brown than the white driven snow and people of Provo. I love it. It adds flavor and character to a world that most certainly needs some. I spent the entire weekend trapped in Saint George. Sometimes my entrapment was a good experience at other times it certainly was not. Friday and Saturday were spent hiking throughout all of Gods country (which is the outskirts of the beloved Saint George). It was a magical time in my life. I love to see the scenery of foreign places. However, on sunday which coincidentally happened to be easter, I missed being with my family. We attended a ward in a strange town known as snow hills or something of the likes. It has been a good trip thus far and most assuredly will get better. 

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