Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The life of a celebrirty

In an attempt to avoid studying for my Greek History test I turned my attention to the world of wikipedia. I love the random amounts of information that one can access from that great bastian of knowledge. It is astounding for me to think how much information is contained on such a sight. However, that is a tangent for another story. As I was writing my paper ben folds tiny dncer (a cover of elton john's orignal song) came on. I love that song and as a result I began to be inquisitive as to what the story was behind it. it turns out that the song is a story about marylin monroe (norma jean). I then quickly turned to wikipedia to look up Ms. Norma Jean herself. As I did so I could not help but feel pitty for this women. Here this girl was who had everything given to her on a silver platter and yet she had nothing. She was bitterely alone and estranged from society. her worldly ways led to the destruction of her marriages, careers, and life. She is a beautiful tragedy. Her life was of little worth. What good did she accomplish? What did her legacy bring? a few topless photos, a couple of movies, a golden globe, and a cult following who worship her for no describeable reason (I'm serious ask any woman who worships Monroe and they will never be able to tell you why they like her. The best explanation I've ever heard was that she was a size eight and still managed to look good, but in all honesty thats a pretty freaking stupid reason why to like someone). She is a testament to the fact that your can be loved and adored and still remain useless and bitterly alone. Indeed her life is a tragedy and should be looked upon as such. She inspires me not to be like her. I hope that one can say on the day of my funeral that "Romney was the antithesis of Marylin Monroe." I think if someone states that then I will look on from heaven and know that my life was a success. I hope that my name is not immortalized for no reason at all like Monroe's is. I hope my name is forgotten but that which I bring is remembered by all. I hope the changes that I make as a teacher, a father, and a priesthood holder can make a difference in peoples lives.

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    ps: what makes you think you're going to be looking on from Heaven?