Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dinner With the Parents

I've made it a goal to write on my blog at least three times a week. As a result such I have decided to write a post for the express purpose of fulfilling my goal. The only explanation for why I am doing this is the fact that I have obessive compulsive disorder and if I do not write three times a week to fulfill my goal my world will not be correct. For those of you who have obessive compulsive tenancies you completely understand where I am coming from. For those of you who do not...Your not missing out on much. I envy you. However, I hope you enjoy my post.
I a sizeable portion of my day up in Park City with my parents and the haynie family as well as Sarah. (I give a shout out to sarah becuase she probably is the only girl who will ever read my blog). While there I was glad to find out that my family is not the only family who randomly breaks out into "go my son" from the laminite generation.
Well thats all that I got.

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