Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Gauntlet has Been Thrown Down.

Dear Family,
   Greetings from Provo Utah, "home to players and the played." In recent times I have developed a tad bit of a player status. I enjoy dating. I go on lots of dates. I ask a great amount of women out. I have enjoyed doing so thoroughly. True, there are some parts of being a player that I do not like but for the most part I enjoy it. Being labeled in-genuine-which is a statement that I detest in all ways shapes and forms. I am not in-genuine and if anyone calls me that they do not know me. I attempt to be the most honest person that I can be.- is a small price to pay for the company of numerous friends made.I have taken much pride in always having more women than my dates have men.
Last Saturday, however, I ran into a minor speed bump. for the first time in my life. I encountered a date that had more men than I had women. When I told her that I wanted to be honest with her and said that I was dating other people she retorted with a "well thats ok because I'm dating four other guys." I was flabergasted, hurt, and upest. However, as I reflect upon the situation more and more I have decided not to get mad but rather I need to get more. and so my quest now begins.
Another thought. I am going to make up a documentary called forty dates in forty nights.

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