Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Island

 Greetings from Coronado California, "where the island is small, the people are rich, and there are less black people then Provo Utah." In the words of Lebron James I have decided to take my talents to Coronado California for the fourth of July. However, Lebron James would never state that because I don't think that they allow black people on that island. Its really the whitest place Ive ever been. It is also the most elitist place that I have ever stayed at. We were at the fourth of July parade and I am not even kidding there was a float that was sponsored and built by the border patrol. It won first place and for no good reason. I have never seen a group of people cheer so loud for the oppression of another group of people. I could see these people worshiping Glenn Beck.
  It would be around this time that I would post a grip of pictures on my blogging wall so you could enjoy the memories that you never really experienced. However, I was with a group of people who did not take pictures and as a result I did not take pictures. Occasionally one will find that the taking of pictures distracts from the experience itself. One can become so consumed with capturing the memory that the memory simply escapes them. Its kind of along the same line as the mother who plans her families trip out so much that she kills all spontaneity, thus extinguishing the potential fun of all people involved (I am an eye witness to this travesty. So much so that by the time I hit high school I refused to go on any family trips and I swear to you if I ever visit another church history sight as long as I live my head will explode).
  However, I have diverged from the topic at hand. It has been really nice on this island and I do love it.

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