Friday, July 29, 2011

Twlight Concert Series Take 2

 I went to my second concert in the park of the summer. It was a good performance. However, I'd be a damned liar if I said it was anywhere close to the epic night of the first concert in the park. Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zero's were the main act of last night...
I didn't like them.
I assume that by making the previous statement I will enrage any hipster who reads this blog post. Do not be alarmed if you find my corpse dead covered in bike tred from a pack of fixed gear bicycles. However, I am an honest man and despite the admiration that many people have for Mr. Sharpe and his magnetic zero's, I like George Washington cannot tell a lie. They were disappointing.
 The thing that bothered me was that the band looked like a group of vagrants who somehow managed to escape their government sanctioned home at the Sunday Breakfast mission. I mean just look at the guy. Its quite possible that he sleeps on a bed of putrid strawberries, rotten apple core's, cardboard, and rusted Hormel chili cans. I have no doubt that Ed (whose real name is Alex) was conceived in the dumpster behind McDonalds. His father may quite literally be a common street rat. Not the way in which Jaffer uses to describe Alladin but I mean an actual rat who potentially carries with him the bubonic plague.   I doubt the man has ever showered. To be so brazen as to state that he knows what a toothbrush is, I am not.
 After old Ed told us about the vision he had expereinced as a teenager when his father took him to a reservation in New Mexico, I didn't care how folky his music sounded.

I ask you now. Which one of these pictures is Edward Sharpe (Alex) and which one is a picture that I got off the internet when I typed the word homeless man

In the words of the infamous Mr. Owel "the world may never know."


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  2. well played dearest cousin. despite this i shall inform the general public that i enjoy the music of mr sharpe and his zeros and therefore refuse to forsake. long live birkenstock sandals and poor hygiene.