Wednesday, October 19, 2011

arguing in Math Class

Why do students argue with far more knowledgeable professors to prove their point in classes that are objective? Math is a subject where right is right, and professors are right 99.5% of the time. But when I think that I am right, I argue ninety five percent of the time... All of the time. I know he is probably right, but I know that I am right.
This post is inspired by the fact I am sitting next to a Korean and his ESL tutor. As time goes on the Korean, who at best speaks a shell of pigeon English, is trying to argue who to pronounce the word cat. He is certain that it is pronounced "carrt." I don't get it. However, he is as sure as "sura cana be." However, I dont think he tutor, who dresses like sailor moon, seems to mind the fact that this Korean is arguing the fact. I think its more of a turn on to her than watching racy Anime cartoons.
that is all

P.S. My professor gave me a B on my last European Revolutions paper. When I looked at the comments underneath the grade they read, "Great Paper... Do you know what editing is?" As a result I have decided to read my blog posts and papers after I write them. I am open to criticism. Make sure you read them.


  1. Rom - Herro! Cousin Claire here. I can edit your papers for you. Andy knows I am awesome at this. I send your blog posts to the spouse at work. He loves them.

  2. I am sorry but I laughed at this entire post! I am dying haha - ps. I am a good editor ;) Lets just say I won the spelling bee in 7th grade... nbd.