Thursday, October 13, 2011


So I have been falling behind in school. I have ADHD. Thats what I do. I am intelligent. I know that I am and my grades usually denote this. However, this semester has been absolute hell in regard to my ability to focus and concentrate. I have been doing well, but I still have been falling behind. I have been really lagging in regard to my blog posts and everything else that I enjoy doing. It has been about six months since the last time I took adderall. I have never been a consistant user, but I used it enough that I got semi-used to it. For the first hour that I took it nothing really changed. A little while later......

I FELT like I could wrestle a Hump Back Whale.
I looked around for a elementary school that was on fire so I could rescue a classroom full of adolescents.
I Think I could have Skinned freaking Superman.
I could have gone on a crime spree up the golden coast and back again.
I feel like I could have fought Paul Bunyon

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  1. Rom-
    The one time I tried to take my ADD drugs I didn't sleep for 4 days and I couldn't feel my lower extremities- I quickly decided that ADD was better than no ADD.