Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things That I dont understand

I promise that I will never have a rancherito's burrito again. I swear. Whenever I do, I regret it. As long as I live I will never touch another rancherito burrito. 
    I have said this about everytime I have ate at this restraunt. However, there is always some reason why I go back there. There is som e craving that occurs within my mind that convinces me that eating a burrito from this place will taste good. It is as if the recollection of me attempting to scarf down a tortilla covered in lard, stuffed with steak, an entire onion, and four cloves of garlic, suddenly vanishes from my mind and the thought of good mexican food replaces the truth... But in the end I always am disappointed and my bowels are filled with something more than compassion. 
This is one phenomena that occurs that I dont understand. How does the mind trick itself into believing something that is not true. Other examples of this phenomena include; 

Going to Sea World. After about two hours visiting Sea World you realize that you have just spent fifty dollars to see Budweiser advertisements and the occasional orca whale. 

Hanging out with a girl that likes you who you have kissed. This hasn't occurred to me in a while but I think everyone has had this one at least once. You are not into the girl you recently kissed, but think to yourself if you end up hanging out with girl there is no way that you are gonna kiss her. three hours and a hicky later you feel like a complete jerk for continuing to lead on a girl that you don't like. 

Watching the latest history channel documentary. The catchy phrases and interesting tag lines somehow always convince you to watch and waste your time learning about how the zodaic killer may have been the black dahlia murderer as well. You as well as everyone else who is watching this show knows that this is neither true nor important. You finish the show and feel as though you have wasted an hours worth of time that you will never et back. 

Feel free to add any of yours. 

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