Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Austin Heywood and Bratwursts

I hate stress. I loath it. It harms my personality, destroys my confidence, and kills my happiness. I suffer from stress tremendously. Anxiety is as much a part of my life as, school, dating, work, or friends. This is because my stress and anxiety comes from school, dating, work, and friends.
This last week was especially stressful and difficult for me. My good friend just broke up with his girlfriend and when this happens to him he usually complains. Complaints lead to me attempting to solve issues, but it is difficult to remain happy when you hear issues that you can't solve. You empathize with that person and that empathy ends up dragging you down to the state that your friend finds himself in.
School has managed to give me a plate full of assignments, tests, and essays for me to study. I spent a couple of days studying for a stats test and a couple more writing a paper for my class. Women do not seem to treat me any better either. Relationships never tend to do so. They always seem to demand and demand until you break. Work is good but extra curricular activities simply are not.
 I hate to complain to all of my tender followers, but I am setting the stage for something fantastic. Friday morning i had had enough. I walked into class red eyed, unshaven, and unbathed. It appeared as though I had seen death. After I received word of another assignment in my European revolutions class I began laughing like a lunatic. I then excused myself and tried to figure out the purpose to my life. At that point in time, nothing in life mattered. I could not do another thing. I was ready for the heaven to take my soul and the earth to take my body. I walked home trying to figure out what had happened to my sanity...
I suddenly had an epiphany. It was strange, but it was good. I hoped in my car and drove. Where I was to go, No man Kneweth, but I just went and I drove. As I drove I realized that I was driving away from all of my stresses and worries. Nothing could disturb me. Nothing could harm me. I was a man who could determine his own will. I was a force to act, not to be acted upon. "free at last free at last."
I eventually made my way up to Salt Lake City where I called my friend Austin up and treated him to a delicious Bratwurst from "Seigfrieds" a german deli." For the first time I was free from the cares of my world. I told Austin that we could talk about anything besides, "school, women, work, and BYUSA." He complied and I just enjoyed talking abouut philosophy. It was great. It was life changing. I think its important and even vital to my sanity to shed the stresses of a regular life and to just do something to enjoy life. I will from now on escape to wherever I want at whatever time I want.

From Siegfrieds with Love

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