Monday, January 30, 2012


I am back on my grind. You, my faithful readers, may be wondering what it means to be back on my grind. It means that I am back to spitting game on a regular basis. It has been a long while since I have been on my grind. I'm a little bit rusty. Let me explain.
I have been nervous about going to Los Angeles, and part of the reason is because I know no one. About a week ago I felt like it would be a good idea to practice meeting new people to prepare myself for when I go to Los Angeles and attempt to get a network of friends. I decided that it would be a good idea if I set a goal to meet five random people a day.
When I first started, it was difficult for me to approach random strangers and strike up a conversation. However, it turns out all you have to do to strike up a conversation with anyone is to compliment an item of clothing, ask where they got it, and then ask what their major is in school . By the third question they start replying in something more than a one word answer.
As I have been introducing myself to new people I have managed to run into some pretty attractive women. I have managed to get numbers of a couple of them and start texting a couple of them. Three women have managed to maintain my interest and so I have continued to text these women. One is into politics. Another is a hardworking quiet type. And another is a jovial, youthful nineteen-year-old who makes me feel so young.
And this is really where my rust starts showing. Part of the problem with me getting some of these girls' numbers is the fact that I forgot their name or was too embarassed to ask again. As a result, I have labeled the women as follows: poli sci girl, Drama girl, and crimson woman. Well it turns out it's harder to remember which one is which. So I thought I was doing great until I realized I have occasionally been sending conflicting texts to each girl. In fact I sent four consecutive texts to poli sci girl while thinking it was to a couple different women. As I said I'm rusty.
Mind you I am not her Facebook friend and her name may not be Sarah.

I wonder why she didn't respond to my texts?

Until next time.....Always on my Grind

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