Thursday, January 5, 2012

Land of the Palms

Greetings from Palm Springs, "the only place where I go to bed with an alabum
cover." Since being here in Redlands and having all of my friends leave me to go back to their various places of residence, I decided to do some soul searching. As I have mentioned in previous posts it is important for one to be with himself and to enjoy himself. I thought to myself, "what better place to do something like that than Palm Springs?"
On top of the desire to be with oneself, I also decided that it would be important to spend time with myself in nature. I have always wanted to hike naked, but I have never been brazen enough to try it. I figured that if there ever was a place to hike naked it would be in the crazy town of Palm Springs.
I made my way to the Indian Reservoir just outside of Palm Springs. I paid the tribe a handsome donation of six dollars, parked my car, and took off my pants and shirt. For a few moments I felt one with nature as I stood there in the buck. However, my oneness with nature was rudely interrupted by the sound and sight of the Indian ranger in the distance. The desire to be one with nature quickly evaded from my bosom and I quickly turned back to my clothe shackles.
I finished my hike an hour later and then spent the rest of my time in Palm Springs walking around looking at various couples both gay and straight.

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