Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twisted Ankle

I was playing basketball two days ago and I went up to dunk the ball and realized that I never learned how to dunk. In mid air I also looked down at both of my arms and realized that the skin on my arms was white. Indeed, the fact of the matter was that I was white. Although I may be six foot five, I have hops like a white man. As a result, I realized that my genetic predisposition had rendered me incapable of being able to dunk. My musings continued this way for the amount of time that I was in the air, which happened to be about one eighth of a second.
When I came down my foot landed on the foot of another player. The next moments were all a blur but I know that I used some unkind words and I also know that I experienced some intense pain coming from my foot.

No this is not my foot. I plagiarized this picture from a random person on the internet. In my mind these injuries are the same.

Until next time,

The One-Legged Rojo

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