Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A David John Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! I will say it again. Happy Valentine's Day! Not surprisingly, I am semi-alone on the day of St. Valentine. I had no official valentines, just potential valentines. You know... I think God made Valentine's Day for single people to be able to empathize with those who come from rough and broken households and end up hating important holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is just no other reasonable explanation.
After this year I have decided that single people choose to cope with the fact that they are alone for Valentine's Day in a variety of ways. There are those who choose to blow up Facebook by making some comment like “ohhh just have such a great fun day planned LoLz…Wish I had a valentine though.” There are those who choose to spend the day in the arms of other lonely friends. They take solace that there are others like them.
Then there is my favorite type of coper, the baker. This usually is a role confined primarily to women. In attempt to relinquish the angst and passion of not having a valentine, they choose to bake... and bake they do. Sugar cookies, frosted corn wreath hearts, chocolate cinnamon bears, and nameless other treats. Anyone and everyone who has ever talked to these people will be getting a dozen or so sugar cookies and a small cardboard note saying "Happy Valentine's Day."
At this time you may be wondering, “Rojo, how do you cope with the fact that you don’t have a valentine?” To which I will give you a cogent and simple response: “Freshmen.” Yes, that is correct. I decided to cope with the fact that I didn’t have a valentine by asking a freshman out. I didn’t ask one freshman out; rather I asked four freshmen, all of which are friends. I did not ask them to go with just me, but rather I decided to spread the freshmen wealth with all of my friends. I single-handedly organized a quadruple date with my friends (I do not use their names in an attempt to protect the guilty... but one of their names rhymes with Shamison Jeffer) and myself.
I spent the past three hours on this quadruple date with my best friends and a small group of freshmen women. We went to Spark Lounge. Following Spark Lounge we watched a movie (no cuddling, you should be proud).
My freshman was spunky, cute, and a lot of fun. She was a great valentine. However, I don’t know if it will work out. We may just be too different.. Or maybe it's the fact that half of a decade separates us. While we were at Spark I looked at two of my friends and noticed that they were really hitting it off. We then dropped the freshmen off at David John Hall. To my surpise and to my horror I noticed that one of my buddies had gotten the freshman's number. After the girls walked into the dorms, I found out that my other friend had gotten his freshman's number. It was one crazy, enjoyable, stupid night.

From David John with Love,
Date Rom

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  1. Awesome idea Rom. Hopefully you got the Bot to go with you.