Sunday, February 12, 2012

Romney The Poet

I have become a poet. Yes, like Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, and Tupac Shakur before me I am now expressing my words through the medium of peotry. The angst and passion that has propelled my blog into stardom will now shift towards the art of poetry. Free verse, Haiku, and other forms of poetry are what I will specialize in. I performed a number of these poems for my ward's talent show, and that was pretty great. I'll be sure to post the video as soon as it gets uploaded to YouTube.

St. Valentine's day T.F.A. s'lected
infamous you are to most Los Angeles disected
kind you are to few. Romney detected

Austin H. Heywood To bed I must go
a special and lovely friend Giving up on life am I
End it with that girl My charming pillow

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