Friday, February 3, 2012

Extreme Makeover RoJo's Blog Edition

Look at my Blog. Look very hard. Look all around. Do you notice anything different?

If you have said that the subheading on my blog now uses correct grammar you are correct. You may be asking yourselves, "Rom what has come over you? Your using 'an' instead of 'a'. Its like your learning basic English skills." Well friends I am proud to tell you that hell has not froze over. I still use poor poor grammar. However, I am setting a goal to get more people to read my blog and I am tired of people seeing the true me. So I have decided to hire an editor. I present to you my faithful blog readers for your sustaining vote, my room mate, Nathan Michael Moorhead as editor 'n chief of the Rom's Greetings from blog.

Picture of Nate Moorhead when I typed his name on Google 

All those in favor please manifest.

All those opposed if any

go jump off a bridge.

Welcome to the team Nate
Love RoJo

You may be wondering what I am paying Nathan Michael Moorhead for doing this great service. The answer is peanuts. I am paying Nate peanuts. Does this mean I start paying the water, gas, and electricity bills for our apartment on time? Nope. I am planning on giving Nate peanuts.


  1. "Its like your learning basic English skills"

    ...enough said

    1. P.S. If you could mix in the occasional jar of honey roasted, I'd greatly appreciate it