Friday, August 26, 2011

Secondary Thoughts of Carola

                After allowing my wild emotions to rue for a couple of days I find it rather important to speak concerning a conversation I had with the Well endowed and I dare say busty hair dresser named Carola. As I stated in the blog previous to this one Carola was a hairdresser and as such she was confined to a life of being single and for the most part being miserable. Carola, was not an exception to this rule of thumb that happens to be correct. By the age of eighteen Carola had had a child and missed out on many of the standard aspects of a adolscents life (namely getting plastered to the point of no return and watching the fifty worst music video countdown on VH1 rather than studying for a college test). However, while talking to my newly acquired friend carola I decided to ask the fateful question that gains the same response every time no matter who I ask. “Carola” I stated, “what is it like having children?”--- Without fail anyone who ask always states “Oh it’s the hardest thing that I have ever done but it’s the best thing in the world.”  My dear friend answered in a similar fashion. She loved her children and wouldn’t give them up for the world. Of course it was hard and she feels bad for not having the standard lets get drunk lifestyle commonly associated with the college life, but she still wouldn’t do it any other way. I was proud of her at that point. Yet she did not stop there. Carola looked at me right in the eyes and then stated, “You know boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, and wives, they all go, but your children are always with you.”
                For a few moments I allowed that comment to pass through me without thoroughly examining it. I was expecting the senseless, useless, but appreciative banter intrinsic with the canned question that I ask, yet this certainly was none of that. She had stated something quite poignant but at the same time quite pathetic. Here this forty-one year old woman was, who was about as good looking as a normal forty-one year old could look without the aid of plastic surgery, stating the profound and sad statement that boyfriends and husbands always leave. I suppose the years of abusive and emotional experiences had worn the tred of Carola’s romantic beliefs to nothing.  Here this woman stood convincing herself that love was simply a fairy tale. That no matter what was to happen in this life it could not be attained. The comment was sad and nihilistic in nature.  Sorrow entered my heart.
                It is at times like these where I am glad that I choose to live a moral life. It is times like these I am grateful for the chance I have to listen to the words of a modern prophet. I am thankful for a family that has taught me that my life has a purpose. I am thankful for parents who displayed love to one another throughout my entire life. I am forever indebted to them and my religion, because they have taught me the truth. They have taught me that love is achievable and my hardships and follies with the opposite sex eventually will turn around and I will find someone who I can be content with. I will be with someone who will not come and go as they please.   
                Until the whistle blows (thank you Christobel Jake Balsar for that little diddy. I promise this will be the only time I will close a letter like this).

Mr. Romney Evans 

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