Thursday, August 18, 2011

Water Park Experience

So my summer has finally began. I have finally finished with my Teach for America application and with alot of luck next year this time I will be in the buyous of Louisiana or the frozen tundra of Deteriot trying to change the lives of ghetto boys and girls. I really am praying to get into this and your prayers or whatever religious action you do would really be appreaciated on my behalf. However, I am glad the application process is done.
To celebrate I bought a pass of all passes to Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo. It seemed like a good investment at the time but chances are that this will be a seldom used tool. However, after purchasing a Djembe drum for $90 dollars I dont know if it can get any worse. Anyway the one thing I will state about water parks in general is this  
If you look or are pregnant dont wear a bikini.

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