Thursday, August 11, 2011

What has two thumbs and just finished summer classes?

This guy. It feels good to be done. Whenever I get finished with a semester I just spend about a day doing absolutely whatever the heck I want. this day by no means is an exception to that time honored rule. what is exciting, however, is the fact that I bought a Djembe. You may ask what the heck is a Djembe? thats a good question. its an African drum. I figured that I am trying my very hardest to be a renaissance man and what says renaissance man more than learning the african drums. When I am captured by a tribe of indigenous africans when I am on my safari I believe that this talent of playing the djembe drum will not only safe my skin but also unite a crew of african's and me.  Its gonna be great.

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  1. Rom, you are silly. I like your blog. Happy drum playing.