Saturday, September 10, 2011


Don't ever become a BYU football fan.
I am one.
I can say that.
In the words of preacher from the Restoration DVD, "you can expect coldness and darkness for the rest of your lives" if you are a BYU fan. I love my cougars, but lets be honest they are always on the brink of achievement. They flirt with, but never are the great team that we always want them to be. These are the worst types of teams to root for. They are good enough to get you to believe that they might make a run for a BCS bowl and then they will lose some crappy game or something of the likes.
But really what are we to expect. We are for all intensive purposes a group of privileged untalented anglo-saxons attempting to compete with athletes. For who we are we are pretty dang good.
I think that it is our religious nature that makes us believe that we are actually as good as other teams. I think we believe if we have faith we shall overcome. However, when it really comes down to it the game of football has nothing to do with faith. It has everything to do with talent. So I believe that we who are BYU football fans should be like Paul and "glory in our tribulation." (I have paul on my mind right now. I'm teaching in church tomorrow and hes the main lesson).

and who knows maybe in a couple of years we'll run the table and do something great. I remain faithful even though my faith has not a single thing to do with the cougs success. 

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