Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Searching For a Story

School has cock blocked any stories that are good. The adventures that have once made my blog rich with excitement are no more. What is left is the Ro Jo attempting to make it through his final year with reasonably high marks. I am also attempting to get into the Teach For America program and so that takes a grip of time. There is only so much to talk about after nine hours or so of studying. is a difficult experience. I love blogging. I love writing about random things that happen in my life, but how much random stuff can you talk about when most of your day is spent underground in the second floor of the Harrold B Lee Library. I mean I could write about how rediculous the "you gotta be a scholar" music video is. Or how I dont understand why the library has decided to spend at least three thousand dollars on tv's that only air commercials about the library but that would get dull. I could rant about the woman in my Utah history class who tries to out talk the teacher but I would get too mad. So I just go on not writing. I am hoping that my weekends will yield some sort of literary fodder, but I dont know.

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