Monday, June 6, 2011

The Pep Talk

Well my first day of sales was a success. It took me about three hours to make my first sale of the summer. I had knocked on about a hundred doors. After about the hundred and first door I struck up a conversation with a guy on the street and started to just ask him about his life. His name was Eric and he seemed to be quite the interesting guy. He was born in Idaho and grew up in Bear lake, which is a resort town by summer and frozen hell hole by winter. after Speaking about his hometown of Bear Lake, he told me that he had a rock chip that he needed fixing. I started to fix it for him and then suddenly my repair drill slipped causing a small dent to appear through his glass. He was not happy and I ended up doing the job for free. That's the last time I ever try and sell to a guy from Bear Lake. Not because I think all people from Bear Lake are rude but because I probably will never meet another guy from the town of bear lake again.
Following that disappointment I was pretty much down. I returned to my apartment and sat in it for about twenty minutes trying to figure out how I was going to feel productive this entire summer. Suddenly I heard a ring from my cell phone and noticed that it was my little brother calling. With nothing more than a  melancholy tone in my voice I answered the phone. Bradford then informed me that he got a 4.0 this semester at RCC (way to go on that B-rad). After his informing upon his successes he asked me what was wrong. I then told my dear brother of the problems that I was having and how frustrated I was. My brother then gave me a pep talk. I don't think that there is anything more humiliating than your little brother telling you that your not a failure. The very fact that he is four years my younger and is giving me advice about my life is just about the most embarrassing thing in the world. Following this discussion I got up and went out and made forty dollars. I thank brad in part for his compelling advice to me (which it actually was) and in part of his embarrassing me to the fullest extent possible.

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