Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Various Kinds of People of the World

Throughout the past years I have come to the conclusion that people are usually cut out of the same cloth. I have concluded that stereotypes are for the most part are indeed true. Thus, I feel as though indivduals can easily be labled.
For the most part I do not think that this is a bad thing. I am able to label people and most of the time those labels allow me to enjoy the company of others and it allows me to brace myself for what is coming. This evening and weekend I have decided that there are some cloths that I mesh well with and there are others who do not go well with the cloth of Romulus Jones.
I have decided that the cloth that I mesh the least well with are Rock climbers. Climbers usually are directly above field rodent and directly below four legged reptile in what I enjoy to spend my time with. I do not enjoy their pagan devotions and their various terms of ways to begin rock climbing. It is mind numbing. I feel as though I am on the outside of an inside joke. I feel as though there speakings of and devotions to mother nature border that of the galic tribes who craeted stonehenge and the tribes of the Amazonians. They disgust me in many ways.
On the flip side after spending the weekend in sacramento califrnia going to my friend Matt Ott's wedding I have come to the conclusion that I quite enjoy the company of pill pooping exactsy tripping techno heads. For the entire weekend Nate Moorhead and I were accompanied by two of matts old friends who were once big into the rave scene. Despite all of their foibles probably caused by previous spouts of drug use, I enjoy how relaxed and fun loving they are.
This weekend was fantastic. I loved it so much. I enjoy being away from Provo Utah. It is healing unto my soul.

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