Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stay Dry

Well it appears that the life of a door to door salesman is far more difficult than was originally anticipated. The first day gave me false hope as to how profitable I may be. I have worked for five hours in the past two days and haven't made a sale yet. It is very frustrating (although I must admit that this cold streak is far worse than I have ever experienced). I think that my lack of success can be contributed to the fact that for at least half of the time I have been knocking areas that the day previous have already been knocked by Rock chip salesman.
  Lack of success seems to bitter a person towards the fellow man or woman who is rejecting him at the door. I have experienced much rejection in the two years of being a missionary as well as the months of being a sales person. Rejection comes from all people of all sizes shapes and races. There are some rejections that hurt worse than others. Getting yelled at hurts far worse than a simple no thank you I am not interested. However, with all the forms of rejection that I have experienced in my life there is one way of rejection that is more angering than any other form. It is not the person yelling at you for being on their doorstep or the quick slam of the door. It is not the sound of a gun. Rather it is the simple careless phrase pouring out of the mouths of indifferent and indecent people. It is a phrase such as "Good Luck." 
   Out of all the assanine and despicable remarks that could be made this is the worst. "I'm not interested in buying your product...but Good luck." how dare you attempt to present yourself as a caring benevolent individual. How dare you actually try to pass off as though you are my friend. I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as luck. If there were such a thing as luck and if it could be effected by people wishing you to have luck, then with all of the people who have wished me the best of luck in finding someone with a rock chip, there would have been one person who would have presented themselves by now.
The only thing worse than good luck is strictly a response presented to missionaries. It is by far the most despicable and down right apathetic response available. It only presents itself in weathers of extremity. The phrase was forged by Lucifer in the very depths of hell. It is disgusting. It is wrong. and it is frustrating. Whenever it rains, or whenever it snows, or whenever it is hot, the minions of Satan whisper this saying straight in the ear of an uncaring person. In times of heat it is "No i'm not interested thanks though... Stay Cool." in times of Snow it is "No Im not interested thanks though... stay warm." and the worst of all in times of downpour it is "stay dry."
Stay Dry. Stay Dry? May your soul, if you have one, be banished to the fiery inferno's of the netherworld. You indecent human being. How dare you. Have you not an ounce of the milk of human kindness within your blackened soul. I ask to come in to avoid, for just a moment, the severity of the extreme and unkind weather and all you banish me. You place me in tyhe cold rainy storm and tell me to stay dry. Your sick. Your the type of person that would turn Anne Frank and her family to the SS and then as they are being taken away handcuffed being poked by bayonets and assuredly marching to their death you would tell them, "stay alive." The antithesis of love is not hatred. Nor is the antithesis of love apathy. No the Antithesis of love and all things virtuous lovely or of good report is you Mr. or Ms. person telling me to stay dry.  May a swarm of genetically altered wasps known as tracker jackers come and sting you to death. May their venom induce aweful delusions of those you love being malled by spiders. May you suffer an ignaminous and unkind end and as you do so I will look at you and tell you to "stay alive."
well I feel much better after this post. Good luck to everyone and try and stay dry.    

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