Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super 8

I just finished watching the new hit movie Super 8. It is a story of a group of teenagers in 1979 who happen to witness a government conspiracy regarding the existence of an Alien. However, the commercials don't show that. The commercials show nothing about the movie. No one who watches the commercial would ever be able to decipher the meaning of the movie. It could have been about fairies for all I know. Anyway there is no real need to see the movie. If you have ever watched ET, the Sandlot, and any of the Alien movies try and combine them all and then you can imagine what Super 8 is like.
The year of 2011 is just an off year for movies. Summer blockbusters are really busting no blocks. There is no need whatsoever to watch any of these films. I saw Thor and have now watched Super 8 and I don't think I will watch another movie in the theaters this summer.

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