Monday, June 27, 2011

You've Got Blogger

It appears that I have become completely addicted to blogging. In the absence of a lengthy school and work schedule, I have resorted to blogging to fill the hours once filled with the study of books and the performance of work. With this being stated I am glad that I have filled  my time with blogging where I can actually write somethnig that is of semi worth in comparison to spending countless hours re clicking my name on Facebook in an attempt to hope that the news feed yields something of the slightest amount of worth. I must admit that I blog more than any person that I know.
 As of late I have made it my summer goal to gain as many followers on blogger as I possibly can. Thus I have begun to follow as many bloggers as I can. After all you have to give love to receive love. So far its paid off. Instead of two followers I now have four followers. So what if one of those followers is myself and so what if the other is my room mate who left his computer on and I then clicked the follow button on my blog. A follower is a follower no matter what way it may come.
Among the blog that I have begun to follow are a group of women known as the Anti-Austens, a self titled group of feisty women stuck in Provo committed to proving that all of Jane Austen's novel's are indeed fiction. To their self proclamation regarding Austen's work being fiction I say, of course life is not a Jane Austen novel. There is no possible way that God would allow life to be that boring or painful to read. However, to their blog I say wonderful! a masterpiece! pure brilliance! These women without knowing have managed to capture the attitudes of women that I have never before known. Their blogs are beautiful and reflect the embittered opinions of women who have managed to endure the trials and tribulations of going on dates where their meals are paid for. Regardless of the sarcasm associated with the previous statement, I am in love with all or a great portion of these women.
 After reading these stories I have decided that I am going to try to go on a date with at least one of the Anti-Austen's. What can I say I am a romantic and the setting for this love story is unparalleled by anything Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, or Spike Lee have ever concocted.  Think about it, a blogger disillusioned by years of crappy dates encounters another blogger made cynical and sarcastic by the hundreds of dollars lost on dates that ended in a handshake at the door or a dodge of a kiss, the two fall madly in love. The two read each others blogs. A fight over the couples imperfections then occur and the two go back to the bitter bloggers that they once were. However, after further investigation and the encouragement of either her gay best friend or her matronly and large black best friend (both of which tend to provide the comic relief in these sorts of films), the Anti-Austen realizes that she has made a mistake and proclaims her love for me on the blog which has just been picked up by the New York Times. Thus ruining her chances of becomming a world famous blogger, but restoring the love that she once had with me.
     Thats it. After writing this post I have decided that I am going to contact the Anti-Austins and leave my contact information. All I hope is that the Anti-Austen is hot.

Mr. Darcy


  1. what happened to your dating fast???? HUH????

  2. I'm a FOLLOWER! How bout that, ehhh? Hope to see you soon, cuz.